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MissBinary 🖥

Guinea pigs, computers, and a bit of craziness

8 November
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Hello, this is me

Female, born 1982, German.

Currently I am obtaining a qualification as an IT specialist for application development.

There are four guinea pigs living with me and I love them so much <3.

I am passionate about the web, software, good movies and books. I enjoy hanging out with friends, not necessarily
for partying anymore, but for a coffee, food or a movie.

I enjoy having good conversations and I have become a Vegetarian in 2016. I also love to try vegan recipes.

Apart from movies I also watch series. Among my favourites are Criminal Minds, Orphan Black, Pretty Little Liars.
I love open-mindedness and despise any kind of extremism.

My journal

My journal is friends-only. If you wish to add me, please leave me a comment on the "Friends Only" post.

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